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Pic caption: Pearl Sonjica is a local artist who despite hardships in the music industry is determined to make it.

Pearl Sonjica is a talented songbird who is willing to sacrifice all to make it in the music industry and like many local aspirant musicians, knows all about the hurdles of her chosen career and Eastern Cape News Online (ECN) spoke to this muso to find out about her journey to where she is today.

ECN: How did you get involve in music and when did you start singing?

PS: I started singing back at Sunday school when I was still much younger and I also used to imitate music legends like Brenda Fassie and Rebecca Malope.

ECN: How did you know you can sing?

PS: I knew there was something great about my singing because I was applauded everytime I sang in front of a crowd. Sometimes some of the community members would even ask me to sing in exchange for sweets, that is when I also started to enter many music competitions.

ECN: Has music always been part of your family or you are the odd one so to say, to followed that direction?

PS: Yes, music has always been part of my family growing up, but I am the only one who took it as a career, and I must mention that it was not and still not easy though.

ECN: Why is that, did you not get support at home or did your family see it as just hubby?

PS: I did not get the full support from my family as they thought I was just wasting my time, I did not let that stop me and I hustled, pushed and worked hard to be recognised in the music industry.

ECN: What do they think about you now, and what kind of music do you do?

PS: Now they support me but they still feel I am not serious about life, to them the normal life is having an 8 to 5 job and get paid at the end of the month. As for the genre I am stuck between Gospel and Afro Soul.

ECN: Did you get any formal training or is it just a god given talent?

PS: No, I did not get any training, singing for me is a God given.

ECN: You chose to stay here in the province whereas many of those who aspire to make it in music migrate to Gauteng to realise their dreams, why is that?

PS: Me choosing to stay in the Eastern Cape was the hardest thing to do, I believe if you want to make it and survive in the music business Gauteng is the place to be. I am planning to move there sometime, what is keeping me here now is my love for cooking as I also work as chef.

ECN: So would you advise local talent to stay and make a living here?

PS: No, I would not advise that because there is a total lack of support of the arts in our province, I do not have support and I am doing my own thing.

ECN: You are not the first to cry about lack of support, how do you survive in the business?

PS: I get support and assistance from individuals like Zama Ntshona who works for Tru FM, businesses like the Sqaure Africa Boxing Lounge and SNH records form Mdantsane.

ECN: What do you think can be done to harness and avoid losing local talent to other provinces like Gauteng.

PS: There is lot of talent and potential in our province, all that needs to be done is for us to unite as artists and work together, maybe government will come on board. There is a great need for more arts institutions which should offer training for free, in most cases young talent throw in the towel because of lack of support and funding.

ECN: Tell us about your future plans and your latest album?

PS: I have a single called “UngowamI” that is getting a lot of airplay, I am writing a lot of songs and working on brand called  “ The singing chef ”.




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